About Us

We started our journey from 23 june 2013. We have experience to deal with all class of people.

We set many types of emotions in our events like Laughter, Emotional touch, Surprises, Motivations. These things help to increase attention of our mind.

We try our best to have maximum participation from all people throughout the event. This makes the event very interactive.

Apart from this we also focus to enhance their best memories and recall their memorable childhood. With this they spend a stress free time together.


"खेल (गेम) ऐसा खेला जाये जिसे हारकर भी जीत जाये| जिसमे खेलने वाले, खिलाने वाले और देखने वाले को एक साथ माजा आये| ऐसा खेल जिसे जीतने के लिये अभ्यास नही ज़िंदगी का अनुभव काम आये| अगर हम गलत खेले तो अपने आप पर ही हसी आजाये| कुछ ऐसा किया जाये जिसमे जीतने वाले को गर्व ना हो और हारने वाले को दर्द ना हो, बस दोनों खुश हो जाये और हमेशा दोस्ती निभाए|”

Our Clients

  • Hotel Sayaji, Critical Mass
  • Hotel Amarvilas, Indore
  • Hotel President, Indore
  • Hotel Crown Palace, Indore
  • Nammadus water front resort, Khargone
  • Army War College, Mhow
  • Nakhrali Dhani, Rau
  • Hotel Uphaar, Mhow
  • Kanti Palace, Dhar & Many more

Best Events

Raising Day Celebration at Army War College, Mhow

Birthday Party at New York City, Dewas road