Emotions matter more than business for us.
" हो मस्ती की भरमार.....
                                 बने कार्यक्रम यादगार..... "

Our aim is to create openness among people and develop healthy environment. We focus mainly on Entertainment, Learning and Interaction, through specially designed games and other creative activities. Happiness, Enthusiasm and Internal energy come from the combine efforts of all these. Enthusiasm finds out the opportunity and Internal energy utilizes the coming opportunity very well.

We believe if a person feels happy inside then his/her life becomes full of prosperity and good health.
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Stress Management
  • Experimental learning
  • Increase Self confidence
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Solid Emotional Bonding
  • Develop Creativity & Skill
  • Improve Co-ordination
  • Karmi Gifts Village

    It is a Promotional Item Service.You can get all utility items from here at the discount of 30 to 40% of market price. For more details visit Karmi Gifts Village on facebook.

    Masti Ki Pathshala

    It is a new Interactive learning event developed by us. The aim of our event is to clear the future Vision of a learner & to reveal varieties of career options. It will help them to discover their true desires. For getting more information visit Masti ki Pathshala on facebook.

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    Social Events


    We are commited to fulfill our social responsibility. We have organized social events for Police Department,Teachers,Doctors and their families etc.

    We will be grateful to serve our society for betterment.

    Keep Laughing


    Laughing is medicine for the soul.We don't laugh beacause we are happy.We are happy because we laugh.So please keep laughing and make people laugh.